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is there a way to customize the flowboard when a specific user logs in? for example the Front Office change the APPT Status to “<In exam room” the change the room number to “Laboratory”. i have a Laboratory instead of Room Number.Now, when the user or physician of “Laboratory” logs in it willl automaticall appear on his/her flow board, no need to use the filter button.
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Hello @Keroro_Gunsou
I am not a developer but have been supporting OpenEMR for several years. To the best of my knowledge, such an automatic filter would need to be created with custom coding; it is not a native function of the flow board.
Best- Harley

Hello @Keroro_Gunsou,

Location of file
/openemr/interface/patient_tracker/patient_tracker.php on line 1132

paste the code

$( document ).ready(function() {
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hi there, thank you for this, this is very close to what i want to achieve. i did this as you instructed , this somehow filtered the result by Visit Status, how about if i want it to be filtered by whoever the Logged in-In Provider? Instead of showing the “All Provider” i want it to show the whose the Userr/Provider logged in.

Thank you

Hello @Keroro_Gunsou,

I am not sure i understand what you need.

Hope this is not considered necro-posting.

In the previous version of OEMR, the flow board is automatically set to the user who is logged in instead of “all providers”:

Perhaps there is a setting in v7.0 that changed this default?

Hi @Sarah_Graff -
Huh, this is strange.
Not sure what version you’re looking at but here’s a screenshot of the current OpenEMR public demo 7.0.1(1) with demo data, at https://ten.openemr.io/c/openemr/.

The logins I used are the Dr, Donna Lee, physician/ physician
and the admin Billy Smith, admin/ admin
if you get into the demo before midnight GMT today you can see the appointment I made.

Looks like recently ‘they’ made the physician dropdown default to the logged in user like you wondered about. However, it seems they also removed the ‘Physician’ column from the flow board display???

and it’s the same on the 7.0.2 demo
and I do not see a global setting that includes it as a column.

That seems less than useful to me…
– Harley

Hi @htuck :relaxed:

Less than useful is so polite :wink::sweat_smile::innocent:

GitHub is not showing any recent changes to the code for the past 2 years for the flow board (all one word for the file name) — any thoughts on what could have contributed to this issue?

Also, if users find a bug like this in the future, how should we report it to the devs?


Hi @Sarah_Graff to answer your question about finding bugs. You can report issues here

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Hi @Sarah_Graff - glad you’re getting some… useful… information here!
Thanks @juggernautsei right on time as usual!
I wouldn’t want to guess why the flow board changed but considering how closely the calendar is enmeshed with it, possibly some mod to the calendar made it so? But again, I am not a dev, just used to code my Commodore 64 and do perl scripting decades ago… :slight_smile: - HT