Flowboard Customization 101

is there a way to customize the flowboard when a specific user logs in? for example the Front Office change the APPT Status to “<In exam room” the change the room number to “Laboratory”. i have a Laboratory instead of Room Number.Now, when the user or physician of “Laboratory” logs in it willl automaticall appear on his/her flow board, no need to use the filter button.
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Hello @Keroro_Gunsou
I am not a developer but have been supporting OpenEMR for several years. To the best of my knowledge, such an automatic filter would need to be created with custom coding; it is not a native function of the flow board.
Best- Harley

Hello @Keroro_Gunsou,

Location of file
/openemr/interface/patient_tracker/patient_tracker.php on line 1132

paste the code

$( document ).ready(function() {
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hi there, thank you for this, this is very close to what i want to achieve. i did this as you instructed , this somehow filtered the result by Visit Status, how about if i want it to be filtered by whoever the Logged in-In Provider? Instead of showing the “All Provider” i want it to show the whose the Userr/Provider logged in.

Thank you

Hello @Keroro_Gunsou,

I am not sure i understand what you need.