Flow for Cash payment patients

In simple but clear descriptions, how is the flow for a cash paying patient with OpenEMR?
I know it starts with the Front Office, then what follows?

With respect to OpenEMR original design and implementation only

I am far from an expert, but happy to share what I figured out and have been using for a few years now:

  • Create new encounter - save
  • Administrative >Fee Sheet
  • Add your codes, justifications and prices
  • Save
  • Go to >Fees >Checkout
  • Register payment
  • Save
  • Print

It seems that for most features in OpenEMR there is at least 3 completely different ways to achieve them, so I am not sure, if THE “original design implementation” you look for does exist at all.
Good luck!

Thank you @RaimundE

Does your suggested flow apply to patients who pay via insurance as well?

No, ->Checkout is meant for patients who pay on site by cash, credit card, etc.
Otherwise you would typically use ->Fees ->Billing to print a patient statement / open invoice.
I’ve never used direct clearing with insurance companies, so I can’t tell you how to do that.

I have to add to my earlier posting that the above solution did work with earlier versions of PHP but stopped working after an upgrade to PHP 7.2 due to a bug in the code. Our web developer has fixed the bug and is preparing a pull request - I’ll post the details when that is online.

Thank you, will be waiting.