FHIR validation with Inferno

I was trying the Inferno ONC (g)(10) test suite using the https://nine.openemr.io/a/openemr demo. I setup the API, enabled it,

OpenEMR Version
That demo is a 7.0.1-dev


Operating System
Would think you’re running on Ubuntu?

Did you check the logs?
I did look at the logs in OEMR but the only messages in there were for API success, you can see the logs in the OS easier than I probably and should be able to easily re-create the error. A picture of the Inferno screen is attached, I could get the details also.

I wanted to run several systems through the test to be informed and to start to work more with FHIR functionality and I get stuck here.


What version of Inferno are you using? We certified against the 1.9.0 Inferno version before the new version came out in May. The new version of inferno changed a couple of things and I’ve been working on fixing some of those issues. Also are you authenticating as a patient or as a provider?

I was logging in as admin, which in retrospect may be the issue. I think this may be ACL related because on one of my local systems I was able to complete this once I made my admin user part of the clinicians and providers groups.
For Inferno I am using the lowest version options, Core 3.1.1, Smart 1.0, Bulk 1.0.1

Today when trying to register a client on that system I get a network resource error when trying to register the API regardless of if I go through Admin->System->API or the smart/register-app.php (attached a picture)

I had a capability header issue before also, so running on this site:
https://edu.openemr.io/openemr after putting in a patient I it will pass that capability part. This system is 7.0.0 (2) though but there is no official 2nd patch?

I will try to kind of piece together from github things that might have changed since patch 1 and see if I can get that working here locally. Any pointers / hints you can give me about where to dig are very welcome!
Also would like to thank you for the lecture series you posted for the FHIR API and OpenEMR, it’s been very helpful. I couldn’t help but notice some tabs in your browser for self reliance - I am in the process of getting a self sufficient farm up and running stably here in Thailand! Are you working on something similar?

Thanks again, I will keep putzing along through it all -

Oh! I think the actual inferno Version now is 3.2.0.

I am working with the group export also and wondering if you have any hints for this issue:

Since I can login with my App ID and secret for all other tests - but this test also requires the link to the oath2/default/token for authentication? Was it anything you ever experienced?

Lastly - the group ID - in the documentation you specify that you use the group ID that has Albert Davis’s patients - does that mean that if I put the UUID of a user that is a provider in that group ID field it will include all patients who have that user set as their provider on record, or does that provider need to be in their care team? Or is the group ID coming from somewhere else all together? If so, how can I find / report them?

Lots of questions - I do very much appreciate any help you can provide, working at learning my way through it all.

So are you attempting to go through certification for g10 with OpenEMR?

At some point we want to expose a GUI interface for creating groups in OpenEMR. For the purposes of certification we expose a group for every provider that has each patient the provider is the Primary Care Physician. If you hit the /Groups endpoint you’ll get the list of all of the groups which matches up against each provider (note this is a different uuid than the provider uuid). The groups are created automatically whenever a provider is created and from what I recall this is independent of care team.

So it looks like y’all are seeking certification using OpenEMR as a a backbone if I’m not mistaken here: Integrated Health EHR – Chn Tech Solutions LLC

In the spirit of open source and community, do you know if your group is planning on contributing any of the e-prescribe code your developing/certifying against back into OpenEMR? It’s actually a need that the entire community would benefit from. It seems like collaborating would be mutually beneficial for everyone especially since we can help answer certification questions if your company/development sponsors are contributing something back in return.

In addition, we actually have someone in the community looking/interested in putting funds toward an e-prescribe option w/ Allscripts so long as it gets contributed back into the main OpenEMR core so some kind of collaborative endeavor here I think would be a win win for everyone.

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That company does want to certify that way, yes - they have a lot of FQRHC specific stuff in their system that they would like to keep using, and they are using allScripts/eRx that’s already there (note that they tried Veradigm and it’s terrible, neither they nor I would recommend that to anyone) - there is no new e-prescribe code being worked on or integrated anywhere. There is also bad blood between them and OpenEMR (kind of as a community) because Tony McCormick? (spelling?) [whom I do not know and have never met and I think he’s also parted ways with the OpenEMR community] originally got them into OpenEMR and then destroyed their system and walked away. If they can’t certify what they’ve been doing they will probably walk away.
Point taken though, while I am just a lowly contractor I should contribute more back to the community - yes. I did write a patient ledger that ended up back in the community and I also did a lot of work for Brent initially when he began using OpenEMR which then got him involved in the community and I believe he’s been a great member, he’s a really great guy. Most of that work was HL7 interfaces, the bulk of which are written in perl but I did a shell of a case management system for him that was just a placeholder for data that got sent to other applications through the interfaces and some clinical forms, all specialized, and all his. It’s not really my stuff but if there was interest or a use for it I’m sure he’d contribute it.
While working my way through this FHIR stuff the last few days I am noticing some things I am going to go suggest on github - I will do that next. I need to read the guidelines and get more involved, check the open issues and projects and pitch in a little. I do have some sms stuff working for a couple of clients but it’s a bit finicky and not polished enough to include as a module yet - but as it gets polished and solid I can contribute that as well.

I (like most here probably) am mostly working on various things to try to pay bills and make the ends meet and only a certain percentage of my work involves OpenEMR and lately it’s been shrinking. As I mentioned though - I live in Thailand and there is some interest here in OpenEMR. I know of two offices now in the Bangkok metro area that are using it. My wife has 3 doctors in her immediate family (she used to work for the CDC herself, took early retirement rather than deal with covid nonsense), and we’re starting to think we may be able to make it a viable business here, which would also then help with having time and resources to contribute back. We could also work on the Thai language translation.
Right now I’m just trying to make a living and I would actually rather be out improving the fence on my chicken/duck coop or putting up some trellises for my beans and gourds, or working on the goat pen, or tending the fruit orchard, maybe working on my new venturi fertilizer injection system for my irrigation - but so it goes. I have been asked to try to run OpenEMR 7.0.0, through the Inferno tests for (g)(10) and so that’s all I am trying to do. It seems like it should work since it’s been certified.
We can (probably should) take this off line here, I do not want to intrude on your personal time either but I do think we have some things in common and it could be interesting to get to know you a bit more.
I will go and enter one FHIR issue I see on github now and how I am fixing it - at least temporarily and then I will go try to find exactly what’s breaking the bulk export login, and then I will start digging through to see why no data comes through (allergies, conditions, smoking, vitals, etc) even though much of that data is populated. I think I understand now how the groups are setup, thank you - and I do appreciate your help. I don’t know if this particular client will ever jump into community involvement, but I am sure others will. In the mean time all the education I am getting in the FHIR interface will probably be useful at some point down the road anyway!
Thanks again, Sa Wa Dee Krap from sunny Thailand :smiley:

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