FHIR, Is it ready?

(Papa Arko) #1

Good Day Friends,
Is FHIR ready?
Can FHIR be tried? Or used? A facility needs the platform. If it is not ready, then when do we anticipate it will be ready?

Does 5.0.1 support FHIR, if so which API
(Brady Miller) #2

hi @papaarkoh ,

Work on FHIR is ongoing (there is actually very basic support to publish patient data to a FHIR HAPI server at this time in the development codebase). See these threads for ongoing details:


(Arun Kumar) #3

Hi Brady,

I am ready to contribute towards development of FHIR. I am aware of HL7 2.x and intend to catch up on FHIR.


(Stephen Nielson) #4

@Arun are you looking to contribute financially or are you thinking of doing development?