FHIR Import to open-emr

I am trying to import synthea generated FHIR data into open-emr. I would appreciate any guidance into achieving this. I am looking at the FHIR endpoint exposed on my installation and I see that they are mostly supporting read but not post. I was hoping to load FHIR transaction resources to populate patient, practitioner, observations and claims data.

Hello @jennmeedo,

Welcome to OpenEMR, I hope you find this wonderful product useful.

Your observation concerning the FHIR API is right. The FHIR API in OpenEMR is incomplete. Developers write API’s for FHIR if it is a requirement for a project. The community is gradually moving towards FHIR but not in a rapid/fast-paced manner.

If you’re a developer, you can reach out to @adunsulag who can provide assistance as the best way to move forward on this and probably contribute back into the community. He’s actually an expert on the topic.


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Claims data is a moving target right now as the HL7 is still developing that specification via the DaVinci project. We could implement that API but my understanding is that it’d likely change quite a bit. We do support creating of patient and practitioner via FHIR but nothing for observations.

The biggest challenge of dealing with import is audit trails, data reconciliation, and code system translations which often require the use of a terminology server.

If you are just generating synthetic data. OpenEMR already has a way of importing data via synthea generated CCDAs. Search this forum for synthea ccda and you can find examples of how to do that. At that point the data will be exportable via FHIR. One limitation is that the CCD-A does not support claims data if that’s a hard requirement for your use cases it’d have to be something you extend in OpenEMR or write a FHIR api just for that.