FHIR Configuration With Openemr

Greetings and Happy new year to Openemr Community,
I am trying to customize Openemr to send custom data to FHIR server, I want to know how to do it, as I had seen that dcarbone library is used and i tried to manipulate the scripts but I see lot of scripts are generated by dcarbone library , like “PHPFHIRAutoloader.php” and for each field that is being sent to FHIR, there is a separate script , like FHIRHumanName so I want to send a big amount of data from different tables. I want to send data as a bundle and these are not small bundles.
how exactly I can do that. I am using Openemr 5.0.2 version.
Any help will be appreciated. Thanks

Hi @yawar_abbas, would use the latest version of openemr and look at the fhir readme.

Hi @stephenwaite , I can’t Change the version now because I had made to much customization,
Can I just update FHIR Module? Is it possible without updating Other data ?

I spent many months full time developing the latest changes in FHIR for OpenEMR 6.0.0 (and there were other contributors as well). You are welcome to try and back port those changes into 5.0.2 but this will likely be a challenging process for you. I’d recommend that you start working on moving your customization changes into their own stand alone installable modules (custom or Laminas) so you can have a better upgrade path in the future.

thank you @adunsulag , I should go according to your recommendations. I will upgrade my changes for latest Openemr.

here’s a guide that @brady.miller shared for working with customizations and git


1. Make a copy of the repo with customizations and in that copy delete the .git directory

2. In a standard repo, git checkout to where the code diverged

3. Then use rsync to copy all the stuff from the code with customizations (the one without the .git folder) into the standard repo

4. At this point, then do `git add .` (to ensure new files added), and then `git commit -am "new code"`, and then voila

if you don't have a repo, but just have the modified codebase, then can skip the `remove .git` directory part


btw, i use rsync instead of cp since rync also copies hidden files (ones with . at beginning)

rsync --recursive --exclude .git modified/openemr standardrepos/
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thank you @stephenwaite I am planing to do this way