Fee Sheet Units math not needed

@stephenwaite since you are the billing guru that I know. We have a situation were the anesthesiologist don’t need the units column to be multiplied by the price. Is there a setting that covers this already?

hi @juggernautsei , not seeing anything. You’ll probably have to add some conditioning to this line.

Thanks! That speeds up the process. I will hard code it for right now.

That is done. The facility taxonomy is not showing in the box 32b or 33b of the 1500 form. Is that something that can be turned on? But it is in the 837 file. So, we don’t have to do anything at the moment I believe.
Next topic is auto justify. When an ICD10 is selected on the fee sheet, the system should auto apply that code to all the CPTs that are on the page. This means I need to learn JS Knockout