Fee Sheet Supervisory Provider Issue

I have a supervising provider attached to several clinicians, and this supervisor appears on the fee sheet when submitting billing. For several insurances, we need to remove the supervisor. When we remove the supervisor, save the fee sheet, and reopen it, the supervisor appears even though they were removed.

Not sure if this is a bug or not, so as a workaround I removed the supervisor. I’d love not to have to change that if possible.

Hi Dava Muserllo,

Yes it’s a bug. Supervisor appears in some cases eventhough they were removed.
Recently we successfully fixed this issue for one of our clients.
If your interested to discuss further we can schedule for a demo!


Hi Param, would you like to contribute this fix to the community?
Thank you,

@dmnlbh - ‘Attaching’ is an expression they use in the Privacy Module. Your saying that you had a supervising provider ‘attached to several clinicians’ makes me wonder if this Supervising Provider is a configuration in the Privacy Module? I.e., configured in this panel:

Because I believe I’m correct that Privacy Module configs do not interact with the fee sheet. Any changes you make to a supervisory relationship in Patient Privacy will not affect the supervisor selected in the fee sheet.

Can you describe where the supervisor was removed from and where they appeared after that removal?

@Param_CapMinds could you elaborate on the nature of the bug you fixed?

Best- Harley


The supervisor was removed from the fee sheet itself (see pic below).

We tried to remove it manually from the bottom of the fee sheet by selecting N/A as the Supervising. After I remove and save the Supervising, I reopen the fee sheet and the supervising name reappears (N/A no longer selected after being saved).

In order to fix the issue, I removed the supervisor from the user profile so N/A would appear automatically. It just gets a bit tricky when making all these modifications because sometimes we need the supervisor on the fee sheet.

Hi Dava-
Ok, thanks for the clarification, I can see I was barking up the wrong tree.
Best- HT