Fee Sheet Review Tool Bug

I’m having a bit of an issue when copying a claim using the review tool in the fee sheet. There are times when the claim information is copied and the insurance type doesn’t copy over, it defaults to Standard. If we change from Standard to the actual price list, then it removes the pre-set price list which has to be re-entered.

I wasn’t sure if this is a bug or not, but it doesn’t seem to do it with every insurance.

Just wanted to see if I could get any thoughts on this as it is taking a significant amount of time to change the insurance prices back and leading to errors. It will keep the insurance info some of the time but not all times, which makes me think it is a bug.

Any help is appreciated!

hi @dmnlbh , could you share some screenshots so can get a better idea of what’s going on?

Th issue we are having is if copy a previous claim, the price level will show up as Standard and the price will match the what the price level is supposed to be. Since we don’t want to bill under a Standard Price Level, I change it to Optum and the price resets to 0.00. We then have to either remember the price or look it up…bummer!