Fee Sheet Help - Buttons Without Labels

Hi, in the fee sheet I ideally want to have 5 types of visits. Those 5 types are:
1- New patient Dilated
2- New patient - Non Dilated
3 - Established patient Dilated
4 - Established patient - Non dilated
5 - Post op

Those visit types are currently represented by 3 unlabeled buttons. For example, when I click on the top left button I am now given the option to choose from a New Patient - Dilated or Non-Dilated exam. But he buttons dont have any labels. How can I fix the aesthetics of the “Select Code” area to conform with the functions that they represent.


Hello @gizmodoc
I suspect that your fee sheet buttons are unlabeled because they were not constructed properly.
This wiki page tells how to do it right:
’ HOWTO: Add Custom Service Codes To The Fee Sheet - Updated’

–This is truly bizarre: I can’t get the link to work from this forum post! Let’s try a link from the wiki searching for that page:


In your image, the label missing from the buttons is derived from the name of the collection of codes which comprise the types of visits.

Rather than try to anticipate your questions I’ll just say to go ahead and do the steps and feel free to return here and ask about any issues that come up for you.
Best- Harley

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Thank you very much Harley!!! Indeed it was not set up right to start with. That was a great clear explanation.

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Alriight! Happy I am that it helped!

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