Fee Sheet does not find any CPT codes when they are all loaded in

(Tyler Wrenn) #1

This is happening in the clinic I work for – the fee sheet cannot search any CPT codes when I already have active ones in the system. I’m not sure if this is an isolated issue.
This issue happens in the fee sheet form: /interface/forms/fee_sheet/

I’ve tried everything to try and fix it but to no avail.

OpenEMR Version
5.0.2 (2) which is up-to-date with rel-502 on GitHub

I’m using: Google Chrome

Operating System
I’m using: Ubuntu 18.04 bionic LTS

Apparently when I hit submit it does show a checksum log that says this:
01/15/2020 7:48 pm checksum checksum admin Default 3 1 Checksum = '911128964', Saved = false

(Stephen Waite) #2

hi @tywrenn, would say it’s a known issue that you have to give it a starter value like 9 before you hit search

(Tyler Wrenn) #3

@stephenwaite I did give it a starter value when searching… it just flat out doesn’t give me any result. Just made an issue on Github on this

(Jerry P) #4

This is working for me even on your site. Maybe i’m missing the definition of the problem.
Searching for cpt4 containing exam:

(Tyler Wrenn) #5

@sjpadgett Figured it out lol :joy:

(Jerry P) #6

Oh good. Maybe I scared it into service :slight_smile: