Fee Sheet changes being made


Is there a way to stop providers from changing the fee on this page. They put in their units but some change the fee.

The units vary but the price I want to make read only. Is that possible? If so, where is this page found?

this looks like the spot for readonly

Thank you Stephen. Thanks you so much.

I am not able to make the price read only. I must be doing the syntax wrong.

add readonly at the end of the input element attributes like

onchange='setSaveAndClose()' readonly";

Yes I did that and now I see that it isnt the problem. The providers that have mistakes, sometimes don’t fill in the service encounter form but sometimes although it is read only, the price/fee is the incorrect amount? I have checked the fee sheet. Not sure where it is coming from.

e.g. for service 1, 1 unit is a fee of 10 dollars but sometimes it comes up as .0035 per unit or 1 for 1 unit.

It only happens with one of the codes. All other codes work correctly. I don’t see anything in the code that would change this amount. fee = price * units. The price is 16 and the units vary from 1 - 16. So if there are 4 units the billing table should show a 64 in the fee column for this encounter right?

Could it be a timing issue between when it is input and when it is billed?

e.g. the billing agent sees 4 hours and bills for 16 units because this section has been so unstable and then the provider adds it after it has been billed?

hi @tjbarr, for the fee sheet, you just choose the cpt/hcpcs and then enter units if more than 1, the electronic claim file will calculate the price of the claim.

On the sheet at the very top, I have the units writable and the price readonly but for 1 of my codes the calculation rarely comes out correctly.
At first I thought it was user error, because I have admin permission but I checked the providers and they do not have write permission for price. It is very strange. I feel like I am missing something.

hi @tjbarr, no calculation takes place on the fee sheet.

o.k. Help! I thought when they filled out the form above that the information filled in above was calculated and inserted into the billing table. So what actually happens? I was looking at forms/fee_sheet.php.

it’s inserted in billing table, should have said there’s no calculation displayed in the fee sheet, sorry

I can’t figure out why the calculation is wrong so often. Going to try some tests.

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@brady.miller Could the price levels be set to a % somewhere in error for a particular code that I am missing?

Hi @stephenwaite

readonly works like a charm, thanks a lot for the advice

Is it possible to do the same for Review functionality on FeeSheet because I found out that providers could make a price change there too…

Thanks a lot


The read only worked for anyone being able to change the price however the price is still coming out wrong for one particular code. I am not seeing a logical reason.

e.g. If the code is 55566 and the price is 20 per unit (this would come from the price table right)? and the units are 4 then this should be calculated in the code behind the fee_sheet and be inserted in the billing table to 80 for the fee correct?

Also the particular code is for both individual and group with different prices based on the modifier.

hi @tjbarr , fee sheet probably isn’t handling modifier correctly.