Feature: Ability for patients be able to upload ID images from their mobile device into their chart

I had this request to come up. I built a preproduction model for this feature.

I am looking to get some feedback on the feature and security concerns. I have gone over a few of the security issues. Some of the security concerns are dependent on the implementation of the model.
When you review the code you will see the CSRF is missing because of our implementation requires that the patient not have to log in to upload. The link is being generated and sent to the patient via text.


Sherwin I edited the title to be a little clearer. Hope okay…


What I ended up doing was to email the uploaded image to the staff for review. The image is uploaded by the patient and is immediately sent to the staff email and deleted from the server. This way it can be sent through the email filter system to be scanned. The staff can review the image then move it into the patients chart.

Next steps is where to make the link visible in the portal. Making it accessible from the portal can change the operation dynamics. I can remove the ignoreAuth flag and implement the Csrftoken. And being a link in the patient portal can better secure the process. I think it would best to have the feature pop out into its own tab for best operation.