FaxSMS again but this time installation is not working

Hey @sjpadgett!

I am not picking a fight with you. I just would like to get this to work.
It is version 6.0.0 (2). Now I have installed, removed, and installed again with the same results each time. The setup screen does not show when I click on the gears.

I know what it is suppose to do but it ain’t doin’ it. This is ubuntu 20.04, PHP 8.0.8.

I have been trying to set up profiling but the instructions to do it in PHPStorm leads me to know where.


Not working according to instructions on the page = ^(

Did you enable it in globals? I ran into this same problem it has to have the Fax SMS global enabled in the globals setting before the setup will load.

IDK, what is there to enable?


I had to select the Twilio option and then hit save, can’t recall if I had to select the checkbox or not.


I guess it checks something in the globals before it will load.

It is working now. I can see the set up page.

:+1: This is informative.