FAX service, SMS Gateway, phone gateway, e-prescription service, E-mail Service, Patient Portal

I am running Openemr version 6.0 Patch 3, PHP 8, Ubuntu 20.04. I am U.S based and HIPAA compliance is of concern. I would like to add a lot of these features directly to the software.

I just would really like to get a sense of what people are using in production for the following:

Fax Service:__________________
SMS Gateway:__________________
Phone Gateway:_________________
E-mail Service:__________________
Patient Portal:___________________ (CMS versus built-in)

Any share would be greatly appreciated.


Setting up a new practice currently. Between the wiki and the forums, it’s difficult to discern what are even working options for most of these, so would very much appreciate hearing about others’ experience.

Fax Service: ?
SMS Gateway: ?
Phone Gateway: ?
E-Prescription: signed up with WENO, don’t expect it to work due to local pharmacies
E-mail Service: ?
Patient Portal: built-in

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Fax Service: Ringcentral.com
SMS Gateway: Medexbank.com
Phone Gateway: (local phone service)
E-Prescription: mdtoolbox.com
E-mail Service: gmail
Patient Portal: OpenEMR patient portal

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This is great! Thank you very much!

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