Fail to install



I would like to install this EMR to see if it fits to a Non Profit Organization that need to follow patients in China. I am located in China.

Here is description of how I proceed:
I used Option 1: Installation as Service
Download package here: (MD5 sum: 1ceffb37636eee6cdb192fa76e9ab906)
Right click downloaded file and select ‘Extract All…’
Choose to extract to ‘C:’ (extracting to C: is required)
Right-click on C:/xampp/xampp-control and select ‘Run as administrator’
Click the red X to left of Apache
Click the red X to left of MySQL
Then click ‘start’ for Apache and MySQL
Login at http://localhost/openemr with user:admin pass:pass

I extracted on C: drive and log screen show following errors

Furthermore, when I try to connect to local host i cannot open page, I get a Gateway Timeout Error Page.

do you have any suggestions to help me install it ?




Hi @Helene ,

First thing to do is to delete this from your hard drive (delete the xampp directory) and then download and install the new package that I just released a couple hours ago (it fixes some issues to drastically speed up OpenEMR).

This new package download is now incorporated in the installation instructions:

Then, when you get to above xampp control panel:

  1. Click to start Apache and watch log and ensure it starts correctly (if not, then post the error message here).
  2. If apache worked, then click to start mysql and watch log; if still get the above error, then click on the Logs button to right of mysql and look for errors and paste them here.

Also, let us know what version of Windows you are using.




thanks, I succeed to download it now

I will try the functions.

Thanks for your quick support