Facility Choice

Is there a way to make “All Facilities” my default choice, so that when I log into OpenEMR the All Facilities choice does not have to be chosen manually?

Thank you.

Dr. Jeff Guillory
Lumberton, TX

to my knowledge, that is the default. However, when a provider logs in. The calendar will default to his schedule and not all facilities.
When you log in as a none provider the default is all facilities. How are you logging into the program?

Hi Sherwin,

I always log in as a provider. I had my LVN log in and out and hers didn’t go to all facilities either.

So, is there a way to change the default when I sign in?

Hi Jeff, have you tried clearing the cache on the computer after the upgrade?

also might be the calendar cache

Hi Stephen,

Thank you. I cleared the cache and now it opens up to All Facilities.

Thanks again,


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