Eye Exam PMSFH list update issue


(albanyeye) #1

Hello Ray
I have been testing your excellent exam from in 5.0.1 for a couple days and was wondering how your staff handles the PMSFH section of the form.
Specifically, my question related to entering Meds or PMH that is not in the List_Options table.
For example, If you were to enter " Kepra, Toprol, Amilodipine" as meds for a patient, the same meds shows up in the options for all patients. So the list keep growing as more patients are seen.
How can prevent the list of Meds or PMH from showing all the previous enteries?
I have attached a screen shotInkedScreenshot-2019-1-8%20OpenEMR(1)_LI

(albanyeye) #2

What I wanted was the list to only show the common diagnosis and meds that I would enter in the Admininstration–>Lists—>Medication Issues List.
Then additional or uncommon meds and diagnosis can be entered manually without it showing up for every patient.

(R Magauran) #3

The more you use it, the more refined the list becomes, on a per provider basis. Your lists should reflect the top ten items entered over last 30 days for YOUR patients. These lists are constantly updating themselves.

If all of a sudden your patients are all on a NEW drug, that drug name will make its way higher up the list with each visit… The lists are created anew each time you open the Eye Form. It’s like it’s alive… Scary really. Maybe not.

== Top ten entries in this list from all encounters over the last 30 days for this provider ==

So these lists will most likely end up over time being different for two providers in the same office on the same instance of openemr.