Eye exam Glaucoma flow not showing graph

Greetings, when i click the button for the glaucoma flow sheet no graph is drawn. There are multiple visits of the patient with different applanation measurements.

OpenEMR Version
I’m using OpenEMR version 6.1.0 Patch1

I’m using: Firefox 101.0.1

Operating System
I’m using: Windows 10, XAMPP 7.4.29 / PHP 7.4.29

Did you check the logs? What log do I check?

I think this is fixed in the first patch.

Sorry, forgot to mention, I am already running 6.1.0 patch1. This has been present since at least 6.0.0 which is when I first started using OpenEMR.

Mind using a demo to recreate the bug so can see where it’s happening?

It appears I cannot replicate the issue with either demo. So the problem is on my end. How can I troubleshoot it?

How do you create a Glaucoma Zone in the eye exam form?

I click the little graph icon in the “Tension” box

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I have just tried a brand new OpenEMR 6.1.0 patch1 on a different machine running Windows 10, XAMPP 8.1.6 / PHP 8.1.6 and again the result is the same as my first post, no graph is displayed. This in contrast to the demo where it does work.

I just found this thread. The changes in github are merged but are not yet released in patch.

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