Eye exam form customization


Hi, just wondering if there is a way to add more fields to the exam form. Specifically, I’d like to be able to add a box for Final prescription given as opposed to just a manifest refraction because sometimes the one given will differ from the manifest.
Also, is there a way to add Near visual acuity to the VA section?


(R Magauran) #2

I apologize to those non-Eye people but this may be “Greek” to you…
When you print a prescription, a pop-up appears. Here the form is still active and if you need to (as examples) alter an add from the manifest or tweak a cylinder because the patient likes the original vs manifest, you can do it here. You can write whatever you want before it is printed. When you do print this form it is actually stored separately from whatever you came up with as a manifest (or cycloplegic etc whatever you are dispensing from)…

Near vision is present in each type of Rx - Wear, MR, and AR. There is no near VA for cycloplegic (makes no sense really to have that now does it?). I ran out of room in the CTL section should you be fitting bifocal/monovision lenses but there is an adequate space in the Comments field to add this info…
All VAs are in the summary Visual Acuity panel also.

Perhaps you mean you would like to see Near VA in the smaller Vision box (what I call the Vitals row)?
That can be done however each field here is directly linked to its counterparts across the form - if you change an acuity here, it is directly reflected in its corresponding panel and in the summary Visual Acuity panel… So it is not really just a simple field change…

Note if you play with this small vision panel (in the Vitals row) you will see you can alternate display acuities between sc/cc/PH and AR/MR/CR. If there is a consensus that Near be included here instead of one of the others, it can be done. But then which one? I would assume the PH could be replaced with ccNear, but which one of those - you can add up to four pairs of Wear/Current Rxs, one Manifest, and an AR??? For some, like retina and cataract surgeons PH is important too. Not to mention PAM, BAT and Contrast which are available in the summary Vision Panel.

I tried to write so it makes sense and is useful to most people out of the box. In short, this is just programming and it’s opensource - you can have it anyway you like it… And any advances to the form can be shared back to the rest of us…


Hi Ray, I appreciate the prompt response.
I’m not sure if I am doing something wrong but when I go to print the Rx and I make a change to the Rx, it doesn’t seem to be saved because when I go back and looked at previously dispensed Rx’s, the changes are not there. I am still trying to learn the system so perhaps I am missing something. I will continue to play with it.
Again, I appreciate your help as well as all of the work you put into the form!

(R Magauran) #4

Hi Vince,
I see some of the issues when I pull up the “Ready-to-Print” pop-up page and will investigate this as a bug. The Rx should/will load in a pop-up, which you would print. Changing it in this window should be stored in the DB and the changes reflected in the “dispensed Rxs” list/pop-up. I will make sure that it works this way and post back here when it is in the codebase.


Hi Ray, I’m just wondering if there has been any updates on the issue with saving a tweaked dispensed Rx which differs from the manifest refraction.

Thanks for your help!

(R Magauran) #6

I just pushed this update out on the Reminders_6.27.17-rebase-6 branch of my github repo.
The file with the changes is in 5.0.1 format so you may have to wade through if you are using an earlier version.
It now updates the “dispensed” list with final tweaks made before printing. Please test it further and let me know if there are any issues.
The changes are in the Spectacle.php file.

If the changes pass muster it should be ready for the official codebase soon too.


Thanks Ray!
Sorry, I didn’t see this message until now.
So do I just replace the Spectacle.php file in my directory?
Thanks again for all your work

(R Magauran) #8

Hi @vince

Yes you can just replace it.
There are plenty of other tweaks across the system - you should see almost all the files in the eye_mag directory will have changes in 5.0.2. It is going to be an impressive release. Please keep the reports coming in.



Hi Ray,
Thanks for the reply. I will definitely try the new tweak.
There are a couple of other things I wanted to ask about. Would it be possible to include fields for binocular VA’s?
Also, is it possible to have fields for cover tests values for both near and far?
Thanks again.

(R Magauran) #10

The Alternate Cover Test area has 4 options already: scNear, ccNear, scDistance and ccDistance.
Click on Alternate Cover Test: in the Neuro/Phys area to see these.

We should talk about these extra features via PM to not clog the forum. In short, anything is possible since it is open source!

(Jerry P) #11

Why, this is fascinating and helpful to others.

(R Magauran) #12

Tongue in cheek?

Because these are not standard features most users would want. These would be customizations and will most likely not end up in the codebase.