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Eye Exam esign and report issues

Hi all, I have a couple of questions about the eye exam form. first, are there underlying requirements to enable signing off? I can sign the summaries but not the eye exam. second, when I generate pdf reports the impression/plan is not filling even though it is present in the form. Is this secondary to not being signed or a separate issue?

hi @Ariel_Lenning, is this for the latest version ? If so can you replicate this error on one of the demos to confirm it’s a bug?

It’s the latest version AWS express plus. I’ll see what I can do in the demos.

I confirmed both problems in demo six under wanda moore.

okay thank you, maybe @ophthal who developed it could take a peak at it?

How are you generating the report - from the Communication Engine, the Eye Menu or the OpenEMR Report function?

It seems to pull the same broken chart summary report from within the visit as well as from the encounter sign off page

Where are you generating the report from? They are several ways to do it.

This issue is still not solved

I sent @mytilene a file with a fix for this.
My version of the Eye Form is different than the codebase these days but it worked for them. I will try to do another PR but it has been a while… My github Tower client keeps telling me I am deprecated… If @Ariel_Lenning still needs this you can try this in on linux:

  1. Download this file to your openemr base direction /openemr
  • wget
  1. Rename your eye_mag directory to something else in case it causes a problem:
  • mv interface/forms/eye_mag interface/forms/eye_mag2
  1. Unzip the file:
  • unzip

And test it out…