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Extension SOAP OpenEMR 6

Where is the SOAP extension enabled?

I am trying to select the option “New crop” e-Rx, and it shows me the following message:

Please contact your system administrator, the following components are required but not available:

Enable SOAP extension"

This setting is in your php.ini file.

Step 1: Locate the php.ini file
If you are using linux, type “php --ini” and it should show you where it is. Like such:

it will give you a list of all the extensions that are active and it will tell you where the file you are looking for is…


The file I am concerned with is here:

Step 2: Edit the php.ini file
I open the file using gedit or nano (gedit is much prettier to work with) and I search for the SOAP library

To quickly find this line, use CTRL+F. This will make your life much easier!!! When you find the line that has ‘soap’ in it, uncomment it by removing the ‘;’


and double check that your configurations are correct.

Step 3: Restart Apache Server
Save it, then restart your Apache server


My Operating System is Windows

The php.ini file is located here:

After you get your system dependencies fixes, in order to prescribe using NewCrop with OpenEMR, you need to contact MI-Squared to get the appropriate connectors. MI-Squared funds the maintenance of the interface with NewCrop and the DEA certification for NewCrop with OpenEMR, does the required identity-proofing of providers, and EPCS registration.

@gabgrato To add to Ken’s post, if you would like to explore NewCrop further please feel free to contact either Ken or me and we would be happy to line up a no- cost demo for you.
Best- Harley