Exporting and Importing Patient data

I am using openEMR 5.0.2 with XAMPP
platform: Windows
Situation:-I am trying to import and export patient data.
I need to know
1:Steps to Import and export
2:what kind of file formats should be used for importing and exporting.


Please check the module CCDA, available in OpenEMR to export patient data.

Please refer the link given below to get on with the steps to export patient data via CCDA:

Hope this will help you.

Let us know for any clarifications.


I have tried but have not gotten this working.

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@growlingflea What are you working on?

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I"m trying to export a test patient’s history and diagnoses and import it into another instance

For export you need to ensure the ccdaservice is installed. A README describes: https://github.com/openemr/openemr/blob/master/ccdaservice/README.md

OpenEMR version 6.0.0(2) is pretty close with HL7 rel 1.1 however, importing CCDA ToC documents is iffy on some templates.

A lot of work has been done in master though so good luck.