Expanding all encounters chronologically in one tab?

When selecting the most recent patient encounter for review many doctors need to be able to see all Exams in one page by chronologically scrolling down (from most recent encounters & exam findings) to the less recent.

At the moment one needs to select specific encounters and each of them open in the same tab, which makes comparative decisions (i.e. is finding X getting worse over time) quite challenging.

Is there any way of showing & expanding all encounters chronologically in one tab, so the end user / doctor can just scroll down to have an overview of all past exam findings?


Can use Reports from the person’s chart main page to generate a report of selected encounters.

Thanks, that works quite well.
However, in a day-to-day patient workflow that means multiple additional clicks. Anyway to have such view as a standard when entering findings in a new encounter (in my case Eye Exam)?