eSign and Reports

(Craig Tucker) #1

I am checking the format for reports and soap notes and I do not see the eSign connected to the note in the report. Am I missing something? Is there a setting I should hit to have the eSign show up in the reports?

(Stephen Waite) #2

hi Craig, there are settings under admin->globals->esign.

(Shiva) #3

Yes, there is a setting for esign at Administration -> Globals -> Esign (Please refere this link). After you enabled it the esign link will appear like this in encounter forms. Please let me know if any issues.


(Craig Tucker) #4

It has been a while since I have had to send out a report/case record. So, I have not paid attention to this issue for over a year. So I am jumping back into my topic. Again I am noticing that, although I am esigning my encounters, I am not seeing a esign log attached to my pdf report. Nor do I see any esign block after the individual encounters indicating that the encounter is signed in my pdf report. I do see a line at the end of my report that I can sign but I do not see any indication that I electronically signed the individual encounters in the day of the creation in the report. I do see within OpenEMR the block that indicates that the entire encounter was signed and the date etc. on each encounter.

In the esign settings I have selected:

  • Allows E-Sign on the entire encounter
  • Lock e-signed encounters and their forms
  • Enable lock toggle
  • Hide Empty E-Sign Logs On Report

On the report I see all my reasons for encounter and soap notes but no signature indicated.

Is the problem that I have selected to esign the entire encounter?

Bottom line how do I get the electronic signatures for the individual encounters to print on pdf reports that I send to other providers?

Thanks, Craig

(Craig Tucker) #5

Doing some experimenting, I see select to sign the individual forms option, the esign block is found on the report. But if I just select the option to sign the entire encounter, no esign block is on the form. How do I get the esign block for the entire encounter in a report?

(Ralf Lukner MD PhD) #6

Bump . This is still an issue. Even though entire encounters are signed, when you print them out, there is no indication that they were already signed. Also, is there any way to affix something that actually looks like a signature?

(Jerry P) #7

I’m thinking of including my signature module from portal into openemr. You’ll be able to add patient and user signature using a data type in LBF. Also signing document templates from patient documents.
here is some info