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Error in Edit Batch Payments in 5.0.2(1)


This is continuation from a post I started in another topic:

Textarea in Layout Based Form does not expand vertically in 5.0.2

Joel EricksonJoel


I wonder if you have been able to duplicate this error? I’m running 5.0.2(1) on a Windows 10 machine. I initially installed 5.0.2 onto XAMPP 7.4.4 then downgraded to XAMPP 7.3.16 on a test machine. I never experience the error described here in 5.0.0.(7).

Briefly, If I post batch payments into a New Payments window everything works OK. However, If I close the New Payments window and open up the Edit Payments window by searching for the same check number, the Edit Payments fields are not filled completely and new entries cannot be added to the payment. I must completely delete the payment and begin again in a New Payments window.

Please let me know how I can fix this,

hi @Joel, i don’t use batch payments so if you could post some screenshots here that would be great

i know that @juggernautsei had done some work in this area so he might know what’s up

I am unable to duplicate the error based on what is written. The Edit Payment screen populates on my Windows server. I am running WAMP.

Here are a couple of screen shots of the Batch Payments:Edit Payment screen. This first one is what appears after searching for a payment that has been partially distributed. There should be encounter and charge entries here. This particular payment was fully distributed but the result would be result would be the same if it had not been. All these payments were actually correctly posted to the encounter and the EOB Invoices. However, If the batch payment had not been fully distributed and another payment was attempted to be posted, the next screen print shows the error that would appear and no more payments would be able to be posted.


Which browser are you using? Can you please check your error log? This is a validation error.
Can you go to Globals and turn on logging to display all errors?

Thanks for helping Sherwin,

When I turn on globals:logging:user debugging options:all my oemr looks like this:


I am using firefox 76.0.1

There are a lot of different types of warnings that are being hidden. However, with this on can you run through your billing cycle. The things that you see on the screen are not faults that would halt the system from working. It will still work with warnings. I just want to see if your system is throwing errors on the Edit Payment screen.


There are no errors when I run batch payment. But, I think I know what is going on. There is a new great feature in 5.0.2 that shows billing code modifiers in Past Encounters. It is really helpful! The code modifiers also show up in the Payments window because they are associated with the cpt codes. Well, we seldom used code modifiers until COVID-19. Now we attach -GT and -CR to every Teletherapy encounter per NC Medicaid. It seems like the presence of those modifiers is causing the problem. Please try your test again but add the modifiers GT and CR in the Fee Sheet. Then post some payment in Batch Payments. See the table below. Encounter numbers are wrong and the table is not completed if the encounter contained a modifier. However, note that the Past Encounters are completed correctly whether or not a modifier is present. Only in the case where the top line is not filled completely (the oldest encounter) does the routine crash. (I like your video and need to learn how to do that!)

Sherwin or anyone,

This bug still exists in Fees:Batch payments:Edit payments? I was hoping it would be resolved in 5.0.2(3) but it still occurs. Does anyone else use the batch payments feature? Whenever a modifier is used along with the cpt code and you want to edit a payment of a batch payment not yet fully distributed, the edit payments screen will crash. This only happens if a modifier is used with the cpt code, which is all the time now thanks to COVID! I have reinstalled openemr 5.0.2(1) several times now on Windows 10 with XAMPP3.xx and 4.xx and applied patches 2 and 3.

Sorry to keep coming back to this but entering payments 1x1 from the encounter window is painful.


hi @Joel, have you tried to get an 835 from nc medicaid?

hi @Joel, you should switch to tabs mode for 5.0.2 as well please

I want to refer to this post. For v5.0.2 running 7.1+, this is important!

We need to get this out of the way before any serious attempt to clear up billing issues. Please check your php.ini and report what error logging is set up to report.

I’ve found a major bug in v502 where batch payments search and edit is very unstable. Fix in soon to come out patch 4!

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Sure, I’m willing to test the beta. I’ll download it today and put it on my test install with the usual patch install php

Thank you @Joel

I will be tracking results and comments using this issue: Batch Payments Rework · Issue #3708 · openemr/openemr · GitHub