Error in demography

(aterad) #1

I find out that as soon as i click on the new/search under patient/client module and i check the insurance box, the effective date, subscriber, relationship and DOB are all auto filled with the same set of information all the time. Please see attached pix .

This same set of information is always reoccurring/displayed at all times whenever i want to register a new patient. This was never like that until recently. Also the subscriber is not listed as a patient in the system. how it got there is like a mystery.

This i suspect could be a bug
Please how can this be removed permanently.

Am using openemr 5.0.1(6) on an hosted linux sever

(Nilesh Hake) #2


I have test it on both of my server windows as well as linux for OpenEMR v5.0.1 (6) , I did not find any error that you mentioned.



Have you cleared you browser history and cache? Or just simply run in incognito mode to test.

(aterad) #4

Thanks for your response.
It was not like that before, the issue just started like some days ago and we feel it could be a bug.
Please what can be done.


(aterad) #5

I don’t think that is could be the issue because it is occuring on different devices that is used to access it since is a remotely hosted server.
Any help is welcome.


(Nilesh Hake) #6


Did you made any change on your instance or any customization in your instance or any upgrade? if not then need to check whats the exact issue on your instance.