Error from medical_problem api

While adding the medical problem using UI after that requesting the get medical_problem api the response given is 500 Internal Server Error

and when clearing all the medical problems that are done using UI and then adding the medical_problem using api endpoint request is 201 created. and after that getting medical_problems it is giving 200 response

so why is this 500 error using UI??
added this data using UI

your question is unclear. Could you add a substantial amount of detail to your request? You have to write your request as though we have no knowledge of what you are doing or have done. (Which we don’t). We have no idea how you arrived at the point in which you are asking the question. So, if you were to write this in story form. What would be your story?

okay Here is the main problem:
when requesting to this api-endpoint (apis/default/api/medical_problem) using postman tool I am getting 500 Internal Server Error.

why is this so?

Installation: using docker Image
OpenEMR version: 7.0.1 stable release.
Operating System: Windows
Browser: chrome

Hi @Shubam ,
This issue might be because of the inability of encoding the JSON response for uuid parameter of the medical problem api.Instead you can try encoding the uuid as string format and then try decoding it back. Please let us know if you have encountered any issues further, do drop a mail to

-Visolve AI Team

please See the above video to reproduce the error