ERA Posting Idea

I’m looking at trying to post to billing tables from my module. Here is what I’m thinking, just want to make sure I’m not missing something on the openEmr side.

I’m looking at tables: ar_session and ar_activity. I’m thinking of making an api that is for openEmr only. This api will return the era in the format of these 2 tables. A service will call the api on some schedule and pull new records in the format of those 2 tables and then insert the data directly.

Looks like the claim control number is patientid-encounterid so the process on my side will do the parse and create those properties to pass back as well. I think by doing that and holding the ERA I have everything that needs to inserted into those tables.

After doing that, does something else expect to run? or is the era inserted and everything happy now?

After getting this working, I think that gives my module the final step of automation.

I’d like to take this a step further and update the claims table too, status is a tinyint, is there a list of int’s that go to various statuses? I haven’t seen that in code yet. Also, is here a table to store status messages that I’m missing?

When i get a chance I’m going to email some example data for those tables for you to look at so they make more sense.

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