Epic bulk data export or patient list


I am trying to fetch bulk data or list of patient to access their data using EPIC FHIR API. I got two ways to attain this based on their documentation



In both of these methods we need list id and group id. As per their documentation that id is

An internal patient list ID in the format system|id, where ‘system’ is either mylist or systemlist and ‘id’ is an internal ID corresponding to the value of ‘system’. This value must be provided by the healthcare organization to the caller.

Contact the organization you are integrating with to discuss what group of patients to use for your integration and to get the FHIR ID for that group.

My doubt is how the clinic or the provider can get the FHIR ID for patient list or group ??

if their patient search mechanism is anything like ours they will allow you to ping that endpoint with a public id aka pubpid :slight_smile:

Ok, I will try.
Thank you

We have a groups endpoint as well. I don’t know if Epic exposes that, but that would give you the group id.

ok. I have contacted epic regrading this endpoints, will update here once I got the reply.
Thank you Stephen.

I have the list of the various fields (127 of them or so I believe) supported to upload into patient demographics but I cannot tell which one of them can be used for uploading the patients insurance information. Any advice?

hi @gizmodoc , for insurance see the insurance_data, insurance_companies and addresses tables.

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So, I assume that table is located somewhere other than this table:

Do you know where/how I can find the insurance table? Is there a specific name?


right, try show tables from the maria prompt to see all of them