Encounter Sorting Order

Hi There, Anyone has a quick fix to display the Encounter in a chronological Order?. Right now its alphebetical on the LBF Form title. Can we sort this on the datetime it was entered?

Yes we have to do the ascending order by id into the query.

Nilesh, which php file has this query?

@levijustus send me location where you want to display the encounter data in chronological Order.

Hi Nilesh, Here is the screengrab. If you notice this patient has 3 enconters. and this is the latest encounter. The items inside this encounter are displayed in Alpahbetial order. I need them to be sorted in the date and time it was entered.

Got it I will send you the query into min

Most clinics and external agencies want encounters documented in a consistent manner - sorted not by title or creation timestamps. Unfortunately this project is different.

If you are willing to maintain the code across upgrades, you can use this closed PR as a starting point.

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MD…Thanks for the pointer…I Just got it sorted in Desc order. Which is friendly for Physicians. Usually not all doctors are computer savvy and they prefer less no of Clicks. I just modified the orderby in the formservices.php