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Encounter billing facility

We have created a new facility for telemed that uses 02 as the pos code. I have enabled the option to set billing facility for encounters, but even if both encounter facility and billing facility are set to the new telemed facility it still enters the billing code of 11. Another note is when you go into the facility and look at the POS code for 02, it says “unassigned”. Did we just not do everything needed to set this up properly?

OpenEMR Version
I’m using OpenEMR version v5.0.1 (6)

I’m using: Google Chrome

Operating System
I’m using: Linux and Windows

I have not seen anything in the logs, when going to the logs page it just returns a 404, but everything else seems to work properly in the system.

hi @jexmex, would rec upgrading to 5.0.2 where it’s been reworked and POS is handled much better.

Ok we will do that, thanks.

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We did the upgrade and it is still kicking the billing code back to 11 when the encounter as assigned to telehealth. Any additional thoughts? I am working on looking through logs but also dealing with a slow system atm that I am trying to figure out.

hi @jexmex, did you patch it? Should be in patch 3 where the encounter has the dropdown for the service facility. Here’s a shot of it in action on the demo farm

Yes, we have tried multiple combinations with the selections but the audit shows still 11 being selected in the batch output for the encounter.

It’s working on the demo with the tele site set to POS 2 in Admin->Facilities for Phil’s appt with tele as service facility and Great Clinic as billing. It produces a claim line with POS code 02.

Also recall that the encounter providers(user) default facility determines the POS for that provider.
So from encounter one may select the provider yielding the POS for the selected provider default facility or select a facility from encounter facility pull down which in tern selects the POS for the selected facility.

I stop relying on billing facility as per your suggestion @stephenwaite.

We still getting the code 11 even with the updates and the telehealth set as a service facility. He has tried putting it through multiple ways it always come back 11.


hi @jexmex, since can’t verify on the demos am hoping screenshots of your facility and encounter screens would provide some clues. Please remove any identifying info. Thank you.