Encounter actual times stored in database?

I’m trying to track how long an encounter lasts in real life, starting with its change of status from ‘@arrived’ to ‘> checked out’ .

In openemr_postcalendar_events I see a bunch of date/ time columns, and they all seem to be the times allocated to a particular appointment category, or the dates/ times of the appointment as it was scheduled.

In the Flow Board it does have the actual times of check- in and check-out, and the actual ‘Total Time’ of the encounter.

Are any of those actual times found in the database? Or maybe they’re only calculated by the flow board form for display or the report?

Thanks- Harley

hi @htuck , Check out the Reports->Visits->Patient Flow Board and toggle on the Show Details. Every single status change is stored in database (check out the patient_tracker_element and patient_tracker tables) so can even get more specific analytics if needed.

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Hi @brady.miller
The flowboard report is the display of the data I want but I think patient_tracker_etc may be the database resource I’m looking for.
Thanks for the tip.
Best- HT