Emails not working

(Aaron Chantrill) #1

I have been trying for months to sign up for an account with my work email, but have never recieved a response. I’ve been blaming our local Exchange administrator since I have heard of a few people not receiving emails. I did sign up with my home email address. I just tried to send myself an email reset request and haven’t received that either (luckily I was eventually able to find the right combo to get in, resetting my password to something easier to remember).

I have added to both accounts whitelists and nothing is going into my spam folder either. Both accounts are fairly aggressive about spam filtering.

Could I work with someone to see if you are getting error messages when attempting to contact my email addresses? This is pretty annoying.


(Aaron Chantrill) #2

Okay, so I just sent another password reset request to myself at my home email address and suddenly got both the requests I had sent today and was able to finally change my password. So it is at least working with my home email address, but I still can’t get anything at my work address.

Thank you,

(Brady Miller) #3

hi @aaronchantrill ,
Sorry for the hassles on this. Is this for the forum, chat, or wiki?

(Aaron Chantrill) #4

It was the forum. Today it finally seems to be working, and I have successfully logged in with my work email. I didn’t realize that the chat and wiki had their own logins. I successfully created a login to the wiki and then was able to receive a password reset email for the forum. I don’t know if you changed something, or it was the order of doing things or what, but I greatly appreciate being able to access with my work email (I don’t have access to my work email from home or my home email from work).

Thank you!