Eligibility Diversity

Hi @stephenwaite ,
I know that you are “keeper of the flame” for the billing section. Please correct me if I am wrong.
@brad did a spectacular job creating an eligibility report for his clearinghouse module.
However, it is not a pattern that can be repeated.

I am looking through the code to see how it is built and noticed a few things. (The rest of this is so you will know I really did look.)

There is a clinic that would like to connect with WayStar.
In the EDI270.php file, line 851. I switched out the URL there for WayStar.
Where does the username and password go?

I had my fingers crossed and clicked on the Request Eligibility. There was a file downloaded to my desktop. The error message was.
Error: HTTP Error: The data you sent isn’t valid: 400

hi @juggernautsei , @sjpadgett did the eligibility stuff, pretty sure the credentials are under X12 partners

According to the header, @teryhill was the original author of the EDI.
I see how the EDI207 class generates the EDI file.
This is more than likely where I will have to start.

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