Edit patient forms

Is there an option to edit the patient forms, for example there is a SOAP note under openemr/interface/forms, are there any options to edit their forms to add content that we may want?

Hi @harmone75 -
The forms in openemr/interface are plain php files so can be customized freely if you know php or somebody who does.
If the form is a LBF (in Openemr 6.0 find them in Administration/ Forms/ Layouts ) you can modify them, as long as you keep track of any special functions that some of them are linked to.
Conversely, if you’re not into php coding, you can create your own lbf forms and add them to your EMR.
A simple search here on this forum for ‘create lbf’ will return LOTS of info on how to do that, and the wiki also has some worthwhile docs:
Older tutorial for making LBFs but much good information

Supplement to the LBV Forms page with practical usage examples

LBFs as made for the Portal are exhaustively discussed in this forum thread:

Other matters are also shown on that page, so it must be read carefully.

Good luck!

  • Harley

Thank you for that information, it was greatly appreciated. I have two questions 1) regarding the LBV_forms, is there any option within the ID or data type for the form to automatically enter the time? 2) regarding the php file, is the new.php file the one that is updated?

Hi @harmone75 -
The only option I found for time in LBFs is this one


which may be what you’re interested in.

And I see in my previous post that I neglected to make my standard disclaimer, ‘I am not a dev!’ :slight_smile:

I’m strictly a user- oriented customer support sort of person, with a Business Health Informatics degree (no coding, dangit) who has done coding in several other languages years ago. I dabbled for a couple days in php coding and I believe I recognize that ‘new.php’ as the default output of some editor, but beyond that I can’t help you!

  • Harley

Thank you for that information