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EC2 unresponsive after attempting to update RDS SSL/TLS Certificate

After attempting the instructions found in this post, Update Your Amazon RDS SSL/TLS Certificates by February 5, 2020,
it seems like the openemr docker container is running out of memory on restart? I can SSH into the EC2 instance for a brief window after stopping and starting it again, but after that both SSH and the website become unresponsive; even though the EC2 dashboard still shows the instance as reachable. Is there a way to turn off the auto-start of the docker container somehow at the instance level? Also, the CPU utilization seems to hover at around 20% now after this…what on earth is happening inside the Docker container?

sure, you could take the execute bit off of the permissions while you have that small window:

chmod -x /root/openemr-devops/docker/openemr/5.0.2/ 
docker cp /root/openemr-devops/docker/openemr/5.0.2/ <container-id>:/var/www/localhost/htdocs/openemr/. 

and then restart the instance

do i need to replace <container-id> with something? what is that 2nd line doing, just copying the .sh file inside the container?

yes, docker ps will show you the id of the container, yes

the 1st line is the critical one tho? if I can get that line off in the window then the next time I reboot the container, the openemr docker container won’t be started?

that’s right @JXPrime
edit: but 2nd is critical too :), need to copy it into the docker or it won’t take, it could be done after 2 reboots if necessary

will the container id be the same after a reboot?

@stephenwaite ok, that seemed to work, after a couple reboots, I can SSH into the EC2 instance, and sudo docker ps returns no processes running. Any suggestions on what I should investigate within the docker instance?

would follow @jesdynf’s suggestions on other thread as far as investigating what you’ve changed