Dymo LabelWriter 450 Printing

If you are interested in printing directly to a Dymo LabelWriter 450 printer. Check out our demo at
https://omp.openmedpractice.com/dev/rolebase admin pass to login. In the case of this feature, it prints the information that is in the text box. The patient data that is seen is the PID, Name, DOB and DOS. The textbox can be added to also. The feature has the ability to set the number of copies to be printed. The popup window prints directly to the Dymo printer that is attached to the local machine via USB or network. If you would like this feature, please contact me.

How can i try this in the demo

Click on the link above. Login using admin pass. Open a patient chart, if there is an encounter, open the encounter. If not create an encounter. The first patient in the list has encounters already. Once on the encounter page click the print label link.

Must have a Dymo printer installed.
Must have Dymo print services installed http://developers.dymo.com/category/dymo-label-framework/

Test your installation http://labelwriter.com/software/dls/sdk/samples/js/CheckEnvironment/CheckEnvironment.html

If your installation is correct, you will see
isBrowserSupported: true
isFrameworkInstalled: true
isWebServicePresent: true

For right now until Microsoft Edge changes, it works right out the box with the printer and web code.

we would like to have this feature can it be modified for zebra printer

also is it possible to print the bar code also

The code is for the 450 Dymo it can not be change.
If you want to use a Zebra printer, the Zebra sdk would have to be developed.

Ok thanks

Can you help in implementing this feature into our OpenEMR?

Sure email me at sherwin@openmedpractice.com, the cost is $350