Dumping/Exporting OpenEMR Database... Issue

My openemr version is 7.0.1 and its runs on php version 8.0.26 In Temp directory I have seen openemr.sql in path location ‘C:\Windows\Temp\openemr_web_backup\emr_backup’ but the file size is 0 dumping zip file compression is not initiated.How to resolve this…

How big is your database?
How much free space on your C: drive?
It’s possible this is more of an issue with the OS or XAMPP stack, rather than an OpenEMR problem.

We gzip and tar compress.
This looks like could be a bug. I’m looking into on my xampp setup then will test on my docker.
It may be a change in xampp default configd as I’ve not run backup in awhile!

Still i’d us a different backup method if your database is going to be large.

Backup tar is created correctly in the temp directory but fails download for FF. Work okay on Edge and Chrome so try different browser and should be okay!