Drug inventory QOH

I am trying to figure out how the quantity on hand is set in the drug inventory. Could someone please share that with me. I don’t find it on this page.


The pictures don’t match up with the wording. One picture shows on hand 0 and the next picture shows a quantity on hand (QOH) of 10. How is this possible?

Are transactions not changing the inventory?

No, it is not. But we are unsure that we are using it as designed. Where do we enter the QOH? I can’t find it.I am strictly looking at this part from the UI right now. I have not investigated any of the code.

Never looked at it but it should a calculated field - sum of all transaction quantities for a given lot. Time for log hunting.
Checking the transactions report will be a good start. May be transactions are not getting stored at all or without any qty.

I figured it out. When the lot is selected. A popup comes up and in there I selected the Transaction dropdown. This time I selected to purchase. I was selecting distribution first. To my understanding, immunization is not a prescription so the use of the charge panel is not going to work for an auto debiting of the drug from inventory.

Hi @juggernautsei If you figured it out I assume it’s working as desired, but reading the earlier parts of the thread I don’t see what I believe is the answer to the problem.
Take a look at the page linked at the top, in the section ’ 2. Next (or resumed) panel’

Thing is, when you enter a drug into the inventory, first you enter the drug info on the dosage level of packaging, as it’s going to be used-- hence the templates for every possible sig that med will be dispensed in. Which is what you create in the step, ‘1. Add a product to the inventory’.

Then you need to enter the supply of that medication on the ‘lot’ level of packaging in ’ 2. Next (or resumed) panel’. Part of that configuration is the number of doses in the lot. That number is used in the calculation of that read- only ‘On Hand’ value in the prescription panel, when it’s recorded as shown in step ’ 3. Writing an order for the product’; note the number of units and quantities specified in the red rectangles. Those values will be subtracted from the number of doses in the lot, to give QOH.


Mea culpa for the unclear writing of that page- sorry Folks.

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But Harley,
you know that people think that is too much work. Most users don’t want to do double entry. The goal is to be able to fill out the immunization form and the dose be deducted without having to go and prescribe the medication to get the deduction. :blush:

I have looked for transactions. I cannot find any transactions. Where would I look for transactions?

Based on QOH calculation in report, it should be drug_inventory.

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