Drop frames support?

I think on desktop we need to stay with a horizontal menu. On a tablet a vertical menu could make sense, this would be hidden by a cog until the user needs the menu; too much screen space is lost by it just sitting open. I want to see vertical menus on the desktop used only within a tab, the Globals page for instance should have a vertical menu instead of a horizontal one…

There is one more problem that needs to be addressed before fading frames. I wrote about it here:


It is still unresolved but we keep using this function switching back and forth from Tabs to Frames to search values in the custom fields. This is inconvenient but if the frameset goes we will lose this functionality entirely.

If I get a chance i’ll move this feature over before 502 release. If in frames it should come over to tabs and be supported. If you don’t see it done as we approach release, remind me again.

Lack of RTL capability in BS4 seems to be coming up repeatedly in this project. A quick search comes up with this fork.

Since we do not have neither the expertise nor the resources, may be those who are likely to be affected can devote some time towards this?

Our experience shows new features in BS4 are worth the little effort needed towards this.

Did not realize we plan BS4. To what end?
btw @alexvolin, I moved findby Any to v5.0.2 and is code base…

@sjpadgett, thank you! Can I test it somehow? I am not good at git and do not have the developer’s setup yet.

Folks see if this will work
Responsive Vertical Menu For Tab Based Layout Take 2

#2431 opened 3 hours ago by zbig01

I have included some screenshots in

Responsive Vertical Menu For Tab Based Layout Take 1 Status: Needs Review

#2427 opened a day ago by zbig01

Follow this, there was a demo up in the PR. patient find by relocating to new/search · Issue #1117 · openemr/openemr · GitHub

There are no plans to move to Bootstrap 4 at this time given the RTL compatibility issues

Fare thee well Frames. You will be missed :slight_smile:


Some related memories (tree view, radio view, and traditional):


No, frames will not be missed lol

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