Downloading progress notes/documents from the patient portal

Go to the patient portal, you should have received the link from your doctor’s office.

Login as per the instructions from your doctor’s office.
This is what the main landing page looks like:

Navigate and hover over “Reports” on the upper right menu, a context menu drops down as below:

Click on “Reports content”. This is the subsequent “Reports page”:

Select the your desired reports/progress notes, then click “Download PDF” as below:

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Comments on how to make this tutorial easier to understand or comments on how to improve it are appreciated. Also, I think the images are unnecessarily big, but I don’t know how to make them smaller.

Finally, I would like to add it to the wiki, but under which heading should I do it?

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Hi @gutiersa -
Very cool docs! I haven’t tested it yet but it reads like it’s complete. And you were nicely concise and specific in your steps.

As far as sizing the pictures, I see what you mean. Some you could use an image editor to crop down to the part that’s being discussed, but the others that need to show the full screen could be resized by the mediawiki tag, i.e., [[Image:filename.png|100px]] to make the width 100 pixels and the height will retain the aspect ratio.

Looks to me like it would fit well in the section, ‘The OpenEMR 6.0+ Patient Portal Overview’ with the other portal procedure HOWTOS; what do you think?


Looking forward to seeing it in the wiki!
Best- Harley

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