Dispense Drug Not Authorized

Hi everyone,

I need help with my prescription. I am receiving this response “dispense drug not authorized” when I try to save and dispense a drug.

What do I do?

Thank you.

Hi there.
Are you trying to prescribe from an in-house pharmacy or otherwise?
Are you logged in as Physician or anyone with similar access?

Hi Mercy, thanks for your response. I am logged in as anyone with similar access. And I’m prescribing from in-house pharmacy.

Do check to make sure that that drug is in stock in your pharmacy. Does this error come up with any drug you try to save in prescriptions or just one specific drug?

I have checked to see there are available drugs. This is happening with all the drugs. My system admin user logins can dispense drugs. But other users with prescription access in their ACL can’t dispense.