Discharge Summary/Note

As a behavioral health provider, it is good practice to have a discharge summary when somebody is done with therapy. We don’t always know that a person will be done with therapy on a person’s last visit, so it doesn’t seem like the solution would be to attach something to the patient’s last encounter note. We would want this to be available to export out of somebody’s medical records so that there would be reason given to why somebody ends therapy.

I read the following and it looked like transactions might work for this, although they might not have been specifically designed for this:

Does anybody have any suggestions for how to accomplish a simple, non-billable discharge note that would be available to export in a patient’s record? Thanks!

I believe a Clinical note would suffice using Discharge Summary Type.
This note is exported in CCDA in the narrative.

Also if it needs to be more structured perhaps a questionnaire using a LOINC panel from encounters.

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Where would you access this Clinical Note form? Is this something we would need to create?

Also, I am familiar with LBFs but not the CCDA. Not sure how this plays into forms.