Directory of Patient Documents

Dear all,

I was wondering in which directroy patient documents, especially radiology images (DICOM), are stored on the server? Since I could not find a DICOM-series of a patient I uploaded via the OpenEMR portal (using the ZIP-upload option), I ran find -name "my_dicom.*" on the server and the file was found in the /tmp directory. Is this the default directory to store patient documents and if so, can this be changed?
Thanks for any helpful advise.

openemr/sites/<site name>/documents

Thanks Stephen for the reply, but unfortunately I could not find my DICOM file in any of the subfolders.
Since I started a find from the system root directory as root-user, I would have been surprised if I found it there. Well, was worth a shot anyway :wink:
Can it be the case that DICOM files are stored directly in the data-base and not as file in the file-system?

DICOMs are treated the same as any othe document and are stored in the sites/documents/{default}/{pid}/{dicom file}

However, the file name is encrypted so you can’t use find for orginal file name.
You have to search documents table to find document and get the encrypted name.