Difference between Payment & Checkout

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What is difference between Payment & Checkout windows?

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The easiest way to think of it is that Payment is what to use when a patient makes a payment on their account, and Checkout is more for paying when the patient is checking out of an appointment.
The two screens make different assumptions and collect different information; see the radio buttons that are preselected when each screen initially opens.
‘Payments’ - allows specific types of payment against any particular encounter’s balance. It presumes the payment will be going toward an insurance co-pay which must be noted in their Insurance information; if it’s not going to a co-pay you need to be sure to deselect the radio button.
‘Checkout’ only presents the fees for that day’s, or the most recent, encounter and presumes full payment; if the pt pays less you need to manually change the payment amount.
The ‘Payments’ printout is an invoice; the 'Checkout printout is a receipt for the payment.
They both feed their info into the billing module, though, and whichever reports deal with the information they collect.

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Thanks @htuck

Makes sense now!:wink: