Did you know we have a blog!

(Robert Down, BSN, RN) #1

OpenEMR recently launched a blog! It may look a little bare at the moment, but fear not, over the coming months you’ll see plenty of content published.

Are you using OpenEMR in a unique way? Do you have a cool trick for developing OpenEMR? How about some fascinating insight into data from OpenEMR? If so, reach out to @robert.down for an opportunity to be featured on the blog.

As always, I welcome any feedback the community has.

Looking forward to this exciting new avenue to spread the word for OpenEMR!

The Admins


(Brady Miller) #2

Very nice!
Thank you @robert.down and @JBW!


Great work @robert.down !

(Elijah Wisdom) #4

Wonderful work done @robert.down

(Brady Miller) #5

OpenEMR’s awesome blog has been migrated to https://www.open-emr.org/blog/
Check it out!