DevOps Update - June 2023

Been a few months since I wrote one of these! Just to keep you in the loop…

  • The 7.0.1-1 patch is now live in the AWS Marketplace for both Express and Standard. (Other packages and deployment methods just use the latest version of OpenEMR, so they update as fast as the container at Docker’s hub updates.)
  • Someone from Amazon has been working on a template to launch a serverless OpenEMR on AWS Fargate via their Cloud Development Kit. This is important because the CDK is tied into Amazon’s infrastructure in ways my Troposphere work isn’t and can’t be – future iterations of our packages might evolve from this work.
  • You know what’s more fun than OpenEMR? OpenEMR but 50% faster. Experimentation with PHP’s opcache is ongoing, and might represent a more-or-less free 25-50% speed boost. Our preferred implementation will be to implement it right there in the Docker, but it should be a seamless pickup for everybody running their own.