Devops Log: May 2024

Alright, had some life things happen, but I’m back on the clock. Opening bid, now committed: Updating Lightstail to Ubuntu 24 compatibility (mostly tweaks in how docker compose works).

(Launching in Amazon? Long-term users of AWS, please note that their stock Ubuntu 24 will need an ed25519 keypair, and not the RSA key you might have on file – though it’s also compatible with EC2 Instance Connect if you just want to get things moving along that way instead.)

I have quite a folder of tickets to review, and I’ll comment here as I clear them. Chime in if you’ve got requests and I’ll see if I can oblige.

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Requests for Express Plus:

  1. MariaDB
  2. Ubuntu 24 LTS
  3. Ability to specify size of root EC2 volume (8GB is sometimes not enough space, depending on duplicity cache)


Three is just “add another dial” which shouldn’t be too hard. Two has to get done but I’ve already revised the Lightsail template it sits on so I don’t anticipate a fight. One… I know I keep saying I’m still thinking but I’m still thinking.


Narrator: But he was wrong.

Turns out I can’t actually resize an instance during instance launch when I’m using CloudFormation. AWS::EC2::Instance - AWS CloudFormation has the grim truth, there’s just no knob there. You could do it on your own, though – take the existing Ubuntu 20 AMI it’s using, size it to the size you want, and replace that in the stackmaker (or just hack the JSON to pieces).

Anyways! I still need to look at moving to Ubuntu 24 in general for Express Plus, but things I’ve done:

  • Deleted the old docs for the VM appliance nobody’s asked me to update since OpenEMR 5
  • Got the MySQL versions updated to 8 in Standard, sent the thing off to AWS Marketplace today
  • Updating Express to Ubuntu 24 will wait until the next patch comes out
  • In progress: Thing I’m not mentioning this minute but will in a couple days
  • Learning how everyone else but me uses GitHub (today’s Educational Activities involved learn about hard resets, ugh), which isn’t really useful to talk about here except to reassure you that this is hard for everybody

Still working!