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Development Contributor Onboarding?

Hi All,

Could you guys please help me in understanding the procedure to get on boarded as a certified contributor to Open EMR? How to get started? @brady.miller your help in this regard will be highly appreciated.


hi @rtaimoor31, please see these instructions.

Hi @stephenwaite,

Thanks for your response.

Just a quick follow-up question;
What sort of contributions can we make to become certified contributors of Open EMR? I mean, does reporting valid bugs, we come across while using OEMR, on git count as contribution? Or only Programming/Coding to resolve an open issue will be considered as legit contribution to become certified contributors?

hi @rtaimoor31, the way it’s written currently is to have "At least one commit " in the last 12 months. So this could be as simple as following the contributing guide and fixing some minor typos, basically all contributions are valued, thank you.

Thanks @stephenwaite for your response.

Looking forward to be on-boarded as Certified Contributor of Open EMR.

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Hi @stephenwaite,

Some further clarity is required on following points;

  1. What’s the difference between Volunteer & Certified Contributor?
  2. We’d like to provide MU Certified EMR & Medical Billing services to our clients in The United States. Is it possible to officially use Open EMR software for such services if we sign-up as volunteer (translator, documentation, bugs reporting)?
  3. Does OEMR allow volunteers to provider services to outside clients using Certified Open EMR Software? or one needs to be a Certified Contributor to sell EMR & Medical Billing Services using MU Certified Open EMR Software?

Your guidance will be highly appreciated. Thanks

hi @rtaimoor31, certified contributors get special mention on the professional support page,

OpenEMR software is free to use with no restrictions per the GNU General Public License, so no need to be designated a certified contributor by if you are looking to run, study, share, and modify the software.

Hi @stephenwaite,

Thanks for your response.

But we want to use Open EMR commercially as a MU Certified Product to provide EMR & Medical Billing Services to our clients (doctors). Can we use it for commercial purposes without getting on-boarded as a certified contributor? What do we need to do to use it commercially (with same name, of course, but through our platform)?

feel free to use the software but the name OpenEMR is protected for use by the organization